Lucky Streak Poker

Lucky Streak Poker 3.4

Lucky Streak Poker is a game, in which you play a 5-card draw poker machine
3.4.16 (See all)

Lucky Streak Poker is a virtual card game, in which you play a 5-card draw poker machine. The graphic design, music and surround sound will probably make you feel as if you actually were in a casino.
If you have played this kind of game before, you will surely have no difficulty with this virtual version. Everything will be based on betting an amount of money on a given card combination. On every draw, you will be able to keep some cards and wait for the next to see if you win the bet. However, there will be a different type of cards that will increase your odds. In addition, if you get three or more of these lucky cards in a winning hand, you can hardly lose. There will also be a meter that will show your current level of luck. The game will keep track of your statistics and records.
In my opinion, this game is not original; it is like bringing a casino machine to your PC but without the accompanying excitement. The gameplay is more or less the same all the time. In this respect, the game may turn boring after a short while because there is no real money involved.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to play
  • Adequate music and sound effects


  • Poor graphics
  • Boring gameplay
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